Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Most amusing photo shoot for all...

My dearest friends will love this... my darling husband laughed his hairy head off, so i thought if it creates a bit of a giggle at the expense of my humiliation - then share i will!!

I had a message sent last week from a friend who works for savvy mag (in the advocate) who was doing an article on Mums - for mothers day up and coming (12th May here in NZ - husbands, children FYI)

Anyhoo, some people had apparently put my name forward to be interviewed, however i am yet to find out who they were. Thank you- whoever it was, i am quite surprised and humbled xxx

The article required 3 mummies, one who was a new mum, one who had a bunch of kids, and one who was 'interesting' (i take that as not your norm) - so after the message - i am left wondering whether i am the mum with loads of kids - or the crazy one... however a friend kindly pointed out i was most likely to be the latter. Cheers mate.

So they are needing a picture to go with our questionnaire, and i am informed someone will call to make a time... i advised they came with a wide lens camera.

 Well today was the day!!

2.45pm we agreed to meet at my house.

* Matching outfit for the lads - check.
* Hair brushed, faces washed - check.
* Unrealistic expectation of my 4 children sitting nicely for photos - check.

I guess i had imagined a quick sit down clickity click photo shoot  - (please God let all of them smile and look at the camera (with both eyes open)

No such luck.

The very lovely photographer (who has 3 kids of his own fortunately) said the couch would be fine.

So the kids sit down, nicley - even in age order -  sweet!! But then i need to sit down too.. it all went a bit hairy from there, you see my dear children all wanted to be on my knee for the picture, "heck, if not the knee then the shoulder will do mum"

After a moment or 10, there was order, "ahh" i think, "please just take the picture "
It was at this point that Austin thought a good pose for him to add would be putting his arm over Cormacs head (who was sitting next to me) and resting his hand within my hair and across my forehead. (not so much) Eden thought making a "peace out" sign would look great. no convincing her out of it. Each time we got settled back- her little hand would sneak up to show the world peace.

We then go outside in search of a bench seat to have a photo on,  and the photographer points (with Austins help) to the old wooden rusted as one we bought from the warehouse about 5 years ago. My mind flashes to thoughts of when the last time this had been used by one person, let alone a heavily pregnant one with 4 kids hanging of her.... The thought is quickly followed by words of my father in law who kept its twin when we moved... something about it falling apart and him just using the slats to make a new one...

Oh well the kids are on it, and are told to budge up for momma bear.

We are on the bench seat all is well, the kids are smiling, and i relax.....

Bad move. Cormac and John simultaneously jump my way, and with a child on each knee, and one either side.. the bench seat collapses.

No i am not making this up. I felt like 'Miranda' with kids.
"the bench broke"  i manage to mumble  through my embarrassment.

The photographer (Lord bless that man!)  was so sweet about it, and we all sat on the other bench seats, by which time my darlings were totally over the whole thing. Me - mortified and red faced, Cormac frowning about being made to sit (again) - So he pushed John - Eden's peacing out, Austin's looking bored, and then - John wandered off in search of a train. Some persuasion that may or may not have involved lollies, and another photo was taken.

I do hope i will look back when i am old(er) and remember the truths of motherhood. I am not perfect, nor are my children, and looking on today's events from this end has made me laugh ! ....I hope you can have a good laugh too.

So when you see the mothers day edition and think to yourself "that's a shocker of a photo" please bear in mind the agony i went through for your enjoyment.

Caroline x

Monday, 15 April 2013

"In my house"

 A bleedin' poem...

In my house lives tourniquets, used every single day,

In my house lives needles, used to allay.

In my house lives ice packs, for swollen joints and bumps from play,

In my house lives the children i am thankful for each day.

My house hears laughter, giggles and screams,

My house sees frustrated moments clear,

My house sees healing, love and peace,

My house sees bleeding joints cease.

My house sees tears fall from mothers eyes,

and counts small miracles as faith doth rise.

My house is a home to a family,

and sees the things you do not see.