Sunday, 16 June 2013


 Driving the kids to school this morning we waited at the road works for our time to pass. Eventually we were on our way again, and maybe for 100m or so, the speed limit was 30km.
The cars in front of me were all driving 50 km, and it wasn't until i looked down, i saw that obviously i was too. There were cars behind all following at the same speed, and i had a passing thought on how even though the speed limit is set, for our safety, we choose to ignore, or to follow the person in front at the speed they are going. How often in life do we do this? ... God has set the speed limit for us, sometimes it is 100km, sometimes it is 30km  and it is for our own safety, so we arrive at our destination with life.

Has God put out a 30km sign post up in your life? 
Is he asking you to slow down?  or is he asking you to speed up?

Anyway, this post was meant to be on attitudes... our Eden came home today wearing a band made of cardboard, with a little scripture on it, " i can be obedient because God is with me"

My first thought was  - "did all the children get these, or is the teacher trying to tell me something??!"

My second thought was " this is awesome, in a public school they would not have this teaching, and for that i am SO thankful"

So we start talking about what it means to be obedient, something i am sure most 5 year olds struggle with! (something all of us struggle with at times)
My little girl says she will be helping me because the baby is coming soon, and she will listen to me. WONDERFUL!! i think to myself ...  (Thank you Mrs Grammar!)

.....About 15 minutes later, still in the car, my eldest son Austin had been reading his book, and from the back seat asks his sister if she would put his book away for him, as she was closest to his bag.

"No." was the response.

I raise my eyebrows and ask her what happened to 'love one another and help one another?'

Her reply?........ "I didn't pick that one".....

I had to laugh! How many times do we think we can just pick and choose from our walk with Christ? Like only some of it applies to me? hehehe - i know myself, it isn't an easy walk.

Forgive one another (always)

Love one another (always)

Reach out to the poor and the needy (always)

Be humble (always)

In all you ways acknowledge Him (always)

Do things for his Glory, and not for your own (always)

Trust Him (always)

As i said, it's not an easy walk.  Fortunately for me - and for you - there is His grace :)

Caroline x

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