Monday, 17 June 2013

Beard hair bread

I remember years ago having my little sis stay at my house, she had made ham sandwiches, and in eating hers, pulled a finger nail out of her mouth!!! Ughhh!

Another time i was making sandwiches and on inspection of what i thought was a wholegrain in the white bread, saw in fact there was what looked like black beard hair in the bread... not nice, let me tell you, considering half the loaf was already eaten. I sent it back to the company who in reply gave us a $10 voucher to buy more their bread... mmmm. Seemed legit. In the letter they sent me,  they confirmed that it was beard hair. Nice.

One time i was at a friends for morning tea, and the apple turnovers i had bought from a local bakery had onions in. Nice.

This brings me to tell you about a dream i had a few weeks ago, in the dream i was making bread, well, i had started by putting the flour into a large bowl, and when looking at the flour it looked a bit grey.
Looking closer still, i see a few short, thick, black hairs, very much like beard hair - in MY flour!!

I started to pick the hairs out, but the further into the flour i dug, the more hairs i saw. Eventually i was looking into a bowl of beard hair, lightly surrounded by flour.

Dismayed, in my dream, i threw it all out, knowing there was no point in making anything with this flour.

It wouldn't matter if i had made pikelets or a wedding cake, if i had iced and decorated, using all the finest ingredients.... If i had used that beard hair flour, no amount of presentation would convince people it was a good offering when they tasted it.
It may look nice from the table, but as the saying goes -  "the proof is in the pudding".

Moral of the crazy dream?  Get rid of the stuff that will ruin the recipe, the stuff in life that will ruin the end result. Get rid of the beard flour. No one likes beard hair bread..... No one.

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  1. gosh babe your so insightful, on saying that if you made it babe, id eat it..