Monday, 24 June 2013

weakness turned to strength

I still believe this world to be a beautiful place.

But i do see so many struggles.

I see hearts breaking, and plans failing, i see sickness that seems so unfair. i see why some of us would look at it all and think there is no God. Looking in on tragedy has that effect sometimes.

But i can also tell you, that God will bring out your greatest strength, THROUGH your greatest 'weakness' .

For those of you who are not 'faith ies' (like my darling friend Sara calls me) bear with, you don't have to be of the same belief to learn from each other.

My son Austin is 7 years old, and this past week he has been attempting to access himself, on a daily basis to give the medication he needs to make his blood clot 'normally'.

Did i mention he is 7 years old? at 7 years old i was concerned with what reading level i was on, and learning the words to Celine Dion songs.
At 7 years old my beautiful boy has asked, persevered and successfully accessed his veins one handed.

That is no easy feat. Many trained paediatricians will miss the vein, let alone doing this one handed. Totally amazing. I would like for you to think about whatever struggle is going on for you right now. I want to encourage you that God will find a way... Not only that, but he will turn your struggle into your strength.
If He can give a 7 year old boy the accessing skill of a doctor. He can do wonders through you.

The world may look at your situation as a negative one - too often when people learn of my sons diagnosis of haemophilia, there is a look of pity.
But you know what? through this, it is one of our greatest strengths as a family. For all of us, we are better people through it.

Through this, Austin has grown inner strength and skills he would not have otherwise known of.

Be encouraged people, He loves you x


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